Product Elevator
Product Elevators

The Product Elevator offers the flexibility of variable infeed and outfeed heights. The shuttle conveyor may be any Quickdraw® conveyor length up to 30 inches. The elevator includes a metering stop and product sensor controlled by a PLC in the control enclosure. The shuttle conveyor is raised and lowered by a pneumatic rodless cylinder. Travel length and infeed / outfeed height are specified by the customer. The pneumatic rodless cylinder is enclosed with a finished aluminum cover that includes an access area for vacuum fittings for cleanroom applications. The rear vertical frame has T-slots that run from the base to the top for optional mounting of support brackets or other hardware. This elevator is an ideal component for conveyor line walk-through bridges. Optional Lexan enclosure panels are available.

Enclosed Lift Elevator

The Enclosed Lift Elevator is designed for over/under assembly lines. It consists of a metering device at the infeed position, a powered infeed conveyor, a powered lift (carrier size) conveyor, and a vertical actuator that raises or lowers the lift to the outfeed conveyor. The operation of the elevator is controlled by PLC. The manual operation mode allows the operator to step through each sequence of operation. Standard vertical lift capacity is 25 pounds. Cycle time is as low as 6 seconds.

Enclosed Lift Elevator
Corner Rotate Conveyor
Corner Rotate

The Corner Rotate is an Quickdraw® conveyor on an independent frame mounted on a swivel base.  The rotating conveyor is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder. Metering stops are positioned on the outfeed end of the incoming conveyor and the rotating conveyor.  A product sensor is placed on the incoming end of the exit conveyor to prevent backed up product from interfering with the product that is being rotated. This module's height, width, and length may be designed and built to customer specifications. The controls enclosure includes all required pneumatic valves, motor drive controllers, and a P.L.C.

Lift & Rotate

The Lift and Rotate unit places the product in the orientation required by the operator or process equipment. It consists of a push/pull pneumatic cylinder with product detect sensor, a rotary pneumatic cylinder with two position sensors, and a lift pad that contacts the product or carrier. The unit mounts easily to the bottom of the conveyor rails.

Lift and Rotate Conveyor
Pallet Pusher
Pallet Pusher

The Pallet Pusher moves product from one lane of the conveyor to another. It consists of a pneumatically actuated push-plate with safety springs or shocks to eliminate hazards to the product and operator. The conveyors operate the same as standard conveyors but have machined rail clearance for shuttling product across the top of the rollers. Metering stops and product detectors may be required. Pusher lengths are specified by the customer.


The Shuttle moves product from one lane to another, parallel lane. This can be an adjacent return lane, a lane shift, or converging or diverging lanes (e.g. one lane into two or two lanes into one). It consists of a shuttle conveyor mounted to a pneumatic actuator. Product arrives on the shuttle conveyor and stops. Then the actuator moves the shuttle conveyor to the new position, and the shuttle conveyor drives the product off in the desired direction. An electric actuator may be used for multi-lane indexing processes that need more than two lane positions.

Shuttle Conveyor
MR Diverter

The MR Diverter transfers the product or carrier off the conveyor. It may be used, for example, to divert failed product into a reject bin or divert the product to another conveyor lane, special machine operation, or workstation. The diverter includes a pneumatic lift, motor-driven belt transfer, a product sensor, and two position sensors. It attaches easily to the bottom of MR conveyor rails.

Product Carrier

Product Carriers are custom-designed fixtures used in product assembly. They come in various shapes and sizes as shown on the Pallet Pusher and the MR Diverter. When used with the Lift & Locate module, automatic locating can be repeated within ±0.0035 inches of true position. The bushings in the two corners mate with the pins in the Lift & Locate dock.

Product Carrier